Tuesday, January 13, 2009

erin is creepy (:

here is a poem about erin :

skies are blue.
erin has shoes.
she wears them on tuesdays.
chicken is yumm-ay.
she has big feet.
she flies all week.
she loves twilight alot.
and she is very hot.
ooh, she was talking today.
she ate toast and hay.
and she went to play.
in the big blue may.
she has a purple face.
she has a briefcase.
she lives in the circus.
she climbs up the mountain-urcus.
i got a new printer today.
erin is mean fo-shay.
her stars shine bright.
in the deep orange night.
she has thirteen dogs.
they sing in the fog.
his question marks are red.
because i have a head.
erin is creepy.
she is quite sleepy.
and she owns a sheepy.
who is very weepy.
her house is purple.
and nothing rhymes with purple.
she lives on a cloud.
she sings very loud.
erin has hair.
it is very bare.
because she has a hat.
which she wears on her cat.
and her dog's name is pat.
and this is really stupid.
and i'm on the phone with erin-upid.
now i am done.
this was quite fun.


Monday, January 5, 2009

50 random things, and 4 random pictures (:

i'm going to state 50 random facts now (:

  1. i'm bored (again)
  2. my ipod is next to me, charging

  3. i'm having two friends over tomorrow, to study.

  4. yeah, that's right, i'm just that cool (:
  5. my nail has a piece missing. ew.

  6. stupid potato peeler

  7. i had my hair in a ponytail today

  8. but now it's down

  9. i think i might sneeze

  10. nope, i'm good

  11. i'm texting

  12. and talking to two people on msn

  13. i wish i had wireless internet at my house

  14. or at least i wish the school did

  15. there's something in my laundry room making really annoying squeaky noises

  16. i have a free itunes song card from starbucks

  17. i'm listning to a taylor swift song

  18. gah, i wan't to go to the concert.

  19. everyone's already going though

  20. and it might be sold out

  21. but i need someone to go with, the person i was going to go with couldn't

  22. i'm tired

  23. when am i ever not?

  24. i hate studying. with a passion
  25. the water bottle in front of me is empty. i want a drink

  26. there's a green hair clip next to me

  27. i pinned my hair back with it

  28. never mind, it fell out, i'll use this blue headband instead

  29. i took that out too

  30. gah. my throat is tickly.

  31. it's good now. i scratched it with my tongue.

  32. i'm getting a haircut on january 13th

  33. i'm glad. my bangs are getting weird

  34. i have family studies tomorrow. urrgh.

  35. ack. i have a project due tomorrow for family studies.

  36. oh well, nobody did it anyway.

  37. well, i'll do it tomorrow.

  38. i just noticed i started putting periods at the end of these.

  39. i changed my blog around. it was fun, i was bored.

  40. friv.com has fun games. heheh.

  41. is anybody getting that virus from people on msn, like "i just posted some naked pics of myself, go look before it's too late!" or "click on this link to get some free stuff" or "here's your christmas present, click on the link to collect it!" ?

  42. i have. they're really annoying. garrh.

  43. now my eyebrow is itchy.

  44. and now my knee. and my cheek. and neck. ARRGH.

  45. i'm almost done.

  46. five more to go. well, four after this one.

  47. i REALLY need to clean out my binder. and my room for that matter. and while i'm at it, my locker would be a good idea too.

  48. i'm a messy person (:

  49. i want to re-arrange my room, but it's hard, especially because i have a queen size bed.

  50. NUMBER FIFTY. LAST ONE. i'll say something good here. hmm.... i hate math. there we go (:

Okaaay, now i'm going to post some random picture. bahah, this is fun (:

ahaha, new years eve '08-'09.
that was a fun night (:

grade 8 farewell
ah, i miss esoms

this year at school

yeah, we pay attention (;


okaay, i think i'm done now. (:


3 tests in one week.
that should be illegal.

and exams are soon. urrgh.
i bet i fail math.

on the bright side, english is fun. no exam there. well actually nothing really, for that matter. we do nothing in english. :)

the calander next to me is telling me that it takes about 450 years for one plastic bottle to break down in a landfill.

bah. i have to study now.
bah. i have to memorize so much.
so isn't it just great that my memory is amazing.
sarcasm there. i have a terrible memory.

Monday, December 29, 2008

kinder surprises are tasty =D

i'm so bored. i haven't actually blogged in a while so i will now :)

christmas this year was awesome :)
i got my ipod touch, rockband, wii fit, the biggest chocolate bar you will ever see, and a huge pile of other stuff :)
i enjoy being an only child :)

i keep forgetting this window is open, and keep forgetting about it.

i might be going to see twilight again tomorrow. or thursday. and have starbucks ;)

i have to clean :(

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Okaay, i was photo tagged by bev, :)

Here's the rules:

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!
okay, when i went to buy my dog in grade 4, him and some of his litter were sitting in a basket :)
i tag:
the end :)

Monday, December 22, 2008


so very bored.

but i'm excited, because christmas is in what... 3 days? yay.

i like candy canes. i finished off the entire dish. :)

for once, i'll be home on christmas eve. i'm usually at my aunts, but this year, we're going there on christmas day.

i have a dentist appointment EARLY tomorrow morning.
like.. 10:00 or 10:30?
urrg, that means i have to get up.
i like sleeping.

my friend bought me the twilight soundtrack yesterday.
yay :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


seussicals over :(

it was fun.


now we have to wait until next year. :(


the end.